General FAQs
How can I cancel my paid listing?
Please drop us a message when you like to cancel your paid listing on City of Love., Click here to contact us and we will solve it for you. 
Is COL Media billing on behalve of City of Love?
You will find COL Media on your credit card statement. If you have a question about billing, click here to contact us and we will solve it for you.
I would like to suggest an adult entertainer (club, agency or independent) to you who is not yet in your database.
We are pleased that you would like to help us improve our database. You can suggest an adult entertainer by clicking via the contact form. 
Do you offer a feedback forum?
Not at the moment. In the near future you�ll be able to input a brief comment into our database about adult entertainers.
How can I contact City of Love?
You can contact us by clicking here.
How to report a copyright infringement complaint or other legal complaint
If someone is using your picture or pictures without your permission in their City of Love listing or listings, you can report a copyright infringement claim and send it to We will immediately remove your pictures after we receive your claim. 

You can also use this email address to file any other legal related claims.

Provider FAQs
I�m new to City of Love. How can I create an account?
Advertising on City of Love is completely free. Within 15 minutes you can create your personal advertisement by clicking here.
I would like to login
Just enter your user ID (your email address) and your password. This is the password you created when you completed your registration.
I lost my login data
Please try our password retrieval service and we will send your password to you.
I would like to edit my add
Simply login to your account and edit your details.
Can I register my escort service in more than one city?
You can add your escort service to as many cities as you�d like. Simply log in to your account and add or delete cities like Amsterdam.
Can I register if I�m not a club, agency or independent (freelance worker)?
We offer the category �others�. In this category other adult entertainers can promote their services.
I would like to delete my City of Love account
Simply log in to your account and choose �delete your account� from the first screen. You will then be removed from our database.
Why should I upload information about my services? I already have a website
City of Love has a powerful search engine. This enables customers to find the service best suited to their needs. For example: a client is looking for a club with a licensed bar. If you offer this, uploading your company data makes it possible to find you.