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Although Japan passed anti-prostitution laws in 1958 the sex industry is very big in Japan. About 12,000 businesses are in this industry earning more than 15 billion USD per year. Despite anti-prostitution laws, most sex businesses operate legally by describing themselves as sauna or restaurant. In practice the customer pays for non-sexual services and get the sexual services "for free". The illegal businesses are most of the time left alone by the authorities. Japan has more than 200,000 escorts and other kind of sex workers.

Sex Clubs

In Japan a large variety of names are used for business that offer sexual services.

  • Snack: Is a place where you can meet girls only for conversation. You pay for their company and sexual services are not being offered. A special kind of snack club is Okama: in stead of girls you can meet drag queens. Okama clubs are also visited by females.
  • Soap lands: Hotetoru are soap land services offered in hotels, while Mantoru means soap land services are offered in an apartment.
  • Image Rooms: Kind of role playing in which ladies execute a fantasy of the client like being dressed as a cheerleader or nurse. Sexual intercourse is generally not allowed.
  • Fashion Health: massage parlours that feature massaging and bathing without sexual intercourse
  • Pink Salons: hostesses perform oral sex on customers in private cabins
  • Delivery Health: kind of escort service provided mostly by teenage girls who promote their services in telephone booths.
  • Cabaret Clubs: Erotic shows where visitors can hire a private cubicle to spent time with hostesses.
  • S&M Clubs: offer fetish services to clients like SM and role playing.
  • Love hotels: offers privacy to young couples who live with their parents
  • Aesthetic Salons: fast food like sexual services at a low price but extra services can be bought on a la carte basis. Sexual intercourse is possible costs considerably more than a basic service


Kabukicho (Shinjuku area) is the red light district of to Tokyo of visited by almost 200,000 people daily. You will not find typical prostitutes and Tokyo escorts, offering their services from windows, however the area is full of soap lands, massage parlours and love hotels. Although it is a red light district, it also a good place to hang out and is fairly save at night with many clubs.

Another red light area is Yoshiwara. It is mainly famous for the 60 soap lands located in three small streets. The area originated in the 17th century. Tokyo gay scene is located in the Shinjuku Ni-chome area with many bars, clubs and sauna’s. Another option is contacting a Tokyo escort. Thousands of ladies are available, mainly from Asia but also Eastern Europe. Tokyo escort agencies mainly focus on highclass escorting to hotels, but sometime also offer incall services. Due to the popularity of online escort portals, working as independent tokyo escort independent tokyo escort became populair. Alomst all fetish withes can be fulfilled by the wide variety escorts available.

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