Dhabi Strip Clubs, Massage Parlours and Brothels

With a new generation of liberal-minded Jordanians and a more diverse and Westernized culture, finding companionship in Amman has never been this convenient. Prostitution in the country may be illegal, but access is easy when you know exactly where to look. The unofficial red light district of Amman is Sweifieh, while the district of Jubeiha has become known as the “pick me up street” because of the street prostitutes that prowl about in the middle of night. On the two red light districts, you can enjoy the night of hopping at brothels, strip clubs, and massage parlours. These offer a whirlwind experience of both fun and pleasure. If you want a more casual start instead, sex workers can be invited first to go dinner dating or city touring. This is to test if the sparks fly and if you like your courtesan enough to take her home. Afterwards, you can negotiate the escort service farther, and let your new “girlfriend” inside your hotel room for the night.

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