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Dubai Strip Clubs, Massage Parlours and Brothels

The rapid development of tourism in Dubai made it attractive to all kinds of prostitution. Despite various sexual relationships being taboo or illegal, the highly Westernized city of Dubai hasbecome popular in the Middle East for its thriving sex industry. Dubai has no official red light district. But that doesn't mean you can't find strip clubs with dancers performing topless. Brothels also usually come in the form of massage parlours with a lot of sex workers hanging outin the lobby. Even five-star hotels also house their own night clubs that make it convenient to find a courtesan for the night. However, since prostitution is still illegal in Dubai, itisadvisable to say that your female companion is your wife and to maintain a low profile while inthe streets. Itis also best to make it appear like you are dinner dating while you are negotiating discreetly for sex services.