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Brussels Strip Clubs, Massage Parlours and Brothels

Prostitutes are the main draw of the red light district in Brussels, and for a very good reason. With a growing number immigrants from Eastern Europe, prostitutes and strip clubs continue to attract thousands of gentlemen for sex and pleasure each year. However, ladies of the night in brothels are not the same for the local folks as they are for tourists though.
All those who know Brussels are well aware that there are two discrete types of pleasure houses: local and touristy. The distinctions are varied, both in terms of quality and prices. If you happen to be in town, the ideal thing to do is try more subtle activities like dinner dating or sampling a massage parlour before venturing into the striptease or swinger clubs for some real action. This way, you get to educate yourself, stay safe, and you’ll be able to enjoy higher class ladies than any other tourist could imagine.