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In such a multicultural city, the nationality of any escort in Marseille could be from anywhere in the world. In the evening you will find Marseille escorts in the Vieux Port in and around the multitude of international restaurants. Another place to find an escort in Marseille is in the Rue Curiol, while you could also check out Rue Thibaneau. The red light district in Marseille where you will also find escorts or prostitutes is known as the ‘Quartier des Lanternes Rouge’ located around the train station and areas around La Canebiere. If you don’t feel like venturing out in to Marseille, you could always check out the private ads for an escort in the local paper, La Provence.

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Privat-MaedchenMarseille Escort Agency
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Privat-Maedchen:IsabellaMarseille Escort Agency

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Marseille Escort Agency
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