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Cosmopolitan Society Brno Escort Agency
Dear gentlemen, We are very glad to introduce to you a “Cosmopolitan Society Escort “ renewed Prague high class escort agency founded in r.2009 in Prague under the name “Prague Companions” We will continue to keep and improve the standard of Prague's most prestigious Escort Agency for profession

Cosmopolitan Society :Kylie
Brno Escort Agency
She has beautiful female curves and a delicious naturall bust; Kylie is stylish and elegant, sensual and lovely which makes her the perfect choice for a romantic dinner but also for a wild party. Charming, sweet and confident, there is never a dull moment with Kylie for company. Apply the right stimulant and look at that fantastic reactions. She looks to sweet and innocent, but there is a hot flame inside...

Cosmopolitan Society :Baby
Brno Escort Agency
Baby is a gorgeous busty lady with an amazing accomplished body, who exudes a subtle yet elegant sophistication. Her long, lean physique is superbly sculpted to display the finest of lingerie. Emily does not preclude herself from having fun which makes her even more charismatic. This rare combination of feminine sensuality and pure beauty is thick with promises that will set your pulse racing.

Cosmopolitan Society :RayleBrno Escort Agency

Cosmopolitan Society :ParisBrno Escort Agency
If you are looking for very feminine and highly affectionate companion, Paris is absolutely the best choice. She is warm and uncomplicated and she represents French charm and elegance. She has beauteous full hair and feminine curves. We are sure, many gentlemen will fall in love with her :-)

Cosmopolitan Society :AdriaBrno Escort Agency
What a hot and beautiful Playmate in our portfolio! Adria is hot and cold, sweet and salty, lively and romantic. Discover her many faces, do not miss companion of this intelligent Playmate!

Cosmopolitan Society :SamanthaBrno Escort Agency
Samantha is our sunshine. She is always in the best mood, smiling and happy. You will never become bored in her entertaining companion. Cheryl boasts an amazing lean and toned body complemented by her lovely smile, cute voice and great personality.

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