Cape Town Club

The ONLY First-Class, upmarket and professional Massage Studio in Cape Town. The most amazing sensual massage experience you will ever have! - (no full-blown sex offered)

Profile created Jun 4 2009
Profile last updated Nov 16 2016
Shows No Private rooms Yes
Restaurant Dance area No
Bar Bar without alcohol Smoking allowed Yes
Hotel pickup Not specified Parking Not specified
Languages English
Erotic services:
Straight sex No
Massage Yes
Fetish / Fantasy No
Striptease (private) No
Striptease (groups) No
Erotic filming No
Sexual orientation
Entrance fee 0 USD
Price for 1 hour 0 USD
Price for additional hour 0 USD
Price for 1/2 hour 0 USD
Price for 4 hours 0 USD
Price for 24 hours 0 USD
Payment options: Cash
Opening hours/days 10:00 AM till 05:00 PM on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat