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We are a Montreal escort agency that caters to men of exquisite taste, men that demand the best that this city has to offer. Our Montreal escorts are charming, passionate, playful and full of sensual energy.

Profile created Aug 6 2013
Profile last updated Nov 16 2016
Erotic services:
Sexual orientation Straight
Ethnic Origin Not specified
Hair color Brown
Eye color Not specified
Breastcup Not specified
Height 5'4'' (163 - 165cm)
Weight 103 lbs (47 kg)
Incall Not specified
Outcall Not specified
Clients Men
Languages English
Price for 1 hour 180 CAD
Price for additional hour 0 CAD
Price for 4 hours 0 CAD
Price for 24 hours 0 CAD
Payment options: Cash
SeductionMontreal Escorts
26 years, Female, Straight
Kristie is a real doll with her sun-kissed skin, firm tight body and very sweet and naughty nature.