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Athens Escort (Independent)

Hi ! I am karina wonderful european Escort , Experience this rare beauty . Try something Local , You will not be disappointed , i can assure this . I am Always free to fulfill all you desires ! Personal information:

Profile created Aug 21 2011
Profile last updated Aug 21 2011
About me:
Gender Female Sexual preference Bi-sexual
Age 28 years Ethnic Origin Caucasian
Hair color Blonde Eye color Blue
Hobbies music Breastcup Medium (B)
Shaved Yes Implants No
Tattoos Yes Smoke Yes
Height 5'6'' (168 - 170cm) Piercings Yes
Body sizes 89-60-90 Weight 116 lbs (53 kg)
Erotic services:
Straight sex Yes
Massage Yes
Oral sex (giving) Yes
Oral sex (taking) Yes
Anal sex No
French kissing Yes
Fetish / Fantasy No
Striptease (private) Yes
Striptease (groups) Yes
Diner dating Yes
Price for 1 hour 200 EUR
Price for additional hour 0 EUR
Price for 4 hours 0 EUR
Price for 24 hours 0 EUR
Payment options:
Clients Men
Outcall Outcall (local)
Incall Not specified
Languages English, Spanish